Are geneological societies inclusive or racist?

as I have done more geneological research, I found out I have Mayflower ancestry through Francis Cooke through the Washburn line down to Nancy Williams who married James Burwood jr in Maine.  I decided to join a geneological group. i wish i had saved the screenshots, but I did not. a woman had pointed out, with much passion but did not use any inappropriate words or name calling, that the Pilgrims had killed off Native Americans and said some choice words about Thanksgiving. she was bashed and many others joined, not unlike a cult, and banned her swifly. I tried to give a reasoned response with citations and was deemed a “Pilgrim basher”, promptly given the same treatment, and banned.

while it was not an official page of the Mayflower society, it was by the admin who are well known members of the Mayflower society and touted as experts. in fact the main one that seems to orchestrate this all was tagged a couple of days ago as an expert via another person commenting on a local politicians facebook page as an “expert” to find out if there was an actual connectino to a group calling themselves the Mayflower society (not actually affiliated with them) came to Bangor to protest indiginous peoples day was real or not.

that said expert, John Bradford Towle, also had remembered I had posted on this person’s blog The truth about Thanksgiving in the Mayflower group i was banned from and brought it up. I had commented the year prior. he made some comments and choice words

said blog tried to claim William Benjamin Newell was not a real person, so i corrected them. He is my 2nd cousin twice removed. I also corrected the blog owner stating that I had found that the person taught at a satellite campus. and yes, he was an anthropologist, and I have a copy of a book he had written. He was well known in certain circles, and ran a museum for years, was Native American. His father was Penobscot, his mother was Iroqouis and wife Celina Alexandria Canadien was Kahnawake Mohawk.  He was part of several organizations including anthropological organizations.  I see that my responses were deleted except for a short one via facebook.  said blog run by Jeremy Bangs, a former Chief Curator of the Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth, MA. I do see that a grandson’s comment was left on the blog which I will not name but he did mention that the person did in fact exist.

when confronted with anything that counters racism, including the fact that a person actually exists, the owner of the blog deleted my reponse. i did not swear, call names, accuse, etc. I just stated the facts.

so while the actual Mayflower society itself may not be racist, they do not seem to intervene with this sort of thing or reign in members or even make any statements about things like this. go to a group on facebook called Pilgrims and politics. i found that group by typing in the search term “Pilgrim Bashing” and surprise, Mr. “I title you Pilgrim basher” was there making a comment about Pilgrim bashing pushing his agenda. until people like him and many others stop dominating geneological societies and circles, they will remain inclusive and push each other out.

who wants to be a society that requires that much money to join anyway? that is inclusive in itself.


proud Pilgrim descendent and Pilgrim Basher

Henry Boardman Brann/Brown/Brawn

continuing from the previous post, as you can see the family interchanges between Brann, Brown, and Brawn. in this book they discuss Henry under the last name Brown. his birth record states Brann. i found a couple of census records that state Brawn. they all point to the same person as his birth record matches that of his birth date stated in this book.

digging deeper-Brawn/Brann/brown family of Winslow Maine area

I’m researching a specific family that I have yet to find an accurate tree-i’m sure one exists or at least pieces of that tree exist in a book somewhere.

This is on John Brann (1800-1885) probably born in Frankfort Maine and Catherine Richards 1789-1872 (who had married a Warren prior). Their children together were Henry, Job, Hiram, and Catherine. John’s wife Catherine is seen later in Winslow living with two of her Warren children under the last name of Brawn. I’ve seen one tree have John listed as Job or Isaiah(source was a message board post apparently) with a Mary Warren Spencer as his wife which is not accurate. someone who descends from Catherine and her first husband Samuel Warren did not know about the Brawn family. my daughter has at least one fairly close DNA to a descendent of Catherine and a Samuel as well.

There are lots of Jobs, Henry’s, hirams throughout that tree. the son Henry Robinson Brann, from whom my daughter and husband trace their ancestry to, ended up interchanging his last name between Brawn and Brown, mostly stuck to Brown.

the info the Richards/Warren family has on Catherine Richards Warren matches Catherine Brawn’s info for date of death from the cemetary collection on

on find a grave, someone posted a picture of her gravestone: find a grave

this is from the message board post that helped me find out all this info and tie it together. one error is that Sophronia was a Brawn-she is actually from Catherine’s first marriage so her maiden name is Warren.  otherwise it wouldn’t make sense that Jon and Catherine were married at their own daughters home especially during that time period! and the info checks out on Johns marriage to Rosella Bowden.
message board post

Here’s what Phyllis Whitten’s book has to say about Asa and his wife:

b. Jan.21,1825; d. Nov.5,1862 during Civil War in New Orleans’s Hosp.;
m. Oct.16,1853, Rosella A. Bowden, b. Veazie, Me., d. Sept.4,1915.
She married 2nd, Sept.21,1863, Veazie, Me.,John Brawn, who m. Catherine Warren, who d. Mar.30,1872, Winslow, Me. at her daughter Sophronia (Brawn) Harlow’s home. When Rosella learned of this in 1876 she had the marriage anulled. They had two children: Olive and Asa Brawn of Blaine, Me.
Asa was a farmer and millman. Res: Lowell and Burlington, Me.
2787. LUCINDA ORILLA-8 b. Sept.7,1854, Lowell, Me. (Records call her: Caroline 0.; Cinolla.
2788. CHARLES MELVIN-8 b. Sept.17,1857, Lowell, Me.
2789. SYLVINA A.-8 b. 1859/60; died young. Unmarried.

dna testing

for those interested in genealogy and breaking down brick walls or confirming or proving a family story wrong DNA  testing can be useful. it wont always provide answers, but sometimes it does. one example is that I knew my great grandfather Harry Dawe, born Henry Hood to Charles Hood and Caroline Parsons, was adopted by Henry Dawe and Mary Jane French of Newfoundland shortly after he was born. his birth record matches that of his date of birth and birth location of later records after his name change, and he even kept in contact with some of his birth siblings after he moved to the United States. I may never know the “why”around the adoption, family has told me that his mother had either been very ill or passed away shortly after he was born so that would make sense.

I had several Newfoundland matches on family tree dna but none knew how they were related. then when ancestry expanded their testing outside of North America, 2 2nd cousin 1-2 times removed matches from Newfoundland show up in my matches. One I had already been in contact with a couple of years prior about the family tree so was awesome to see him as a match, and the other I messaged as his tree was not fully done, but I saw the last name Cave which I knew married a female sibling to my great grandfather-and that yes he shared Charles Hood and Caroline Parsons as ancestors. then a 3rd cousin tested from the same family. one of them is on family tree dna and it helped me sort some of my Newfoundland matches. I possibly might have a Parson’s group of matches. have yet to find any other Hood matches other than the direct descendents of Charles and Caroline.

Newell Family History

Family of Penobscot Indian family Thomas Newell and Mary Anne Tomah
Thomas Newell was born 1792, New Brunswick Canada, according to Indian Island. He died 1860, Old Town, Penobscot Maine. His wife was Mary Ann Tomah, born 1802, Old Town on Indian Island, died 1864 Indian Island Old Town Maine. the 1858 school census has Thomas and Mary Ann Newell listed as ages 66 and 56 living with John, Loring, Newell, Mary, Susan, and Frances Newell. All are listed as Penobscot Indian.

The January 3rd 1923 census lists Mary Newell born in 1864, Thomas born 1866, Betsey born 1869, Loring Franklin born 1872, Sockalexis 1875, and Charles born 1882.

1.) Joseph Newell MD is listed on the 1858 school census as age 50 with wife Mary Newell, age 40, living with children Joseph Newell Jr 20, Charles 18, Peter 15, Mary Nicola Newell 9, Mitchell Newell 5, and Maria Newell 4. It would mean he is either Thomas’s brother, son from a previous mariage, or possibly the age is off. I have noticed many of these census records do not have accurate ages and without a birth, death, or marriage record there is know way to tell for sure.
after finding a marriage record for Mitchell Newell as well as Maria Newell, Mary’s last name is Loring. It also lists Joseph as a doctor for occupation, which matches the fact it says he is an MD on the census.

2) Thomas Joseph Newell, born about 1824, was married twice. First to Marie Parsons b 1827. in New Hampshire. They had three children. Louis Belmont Newell b. 1844, Betsey Newell, born 1851, and Anna Newell, born 1861. He then married Adale Allard of Vermont in Ossipee New Hampshire 1 May 1870 and they had three children, Lizzie Belle Newell, John Newell, and Etta M Newell. Thomas is most likely the “Dr Newell” mentioned in John W Johnson’s book, unless they are talking about Joseph Newell. Thomas’s son Louis Belmont was known as “Rolling Thunder”
Of Thomas’s 3 children with Addie Allard, I can only find find records past childhood on Etta M Newell born July 1879 who marries Henry Wingate March 23 1816 in Rochester New Hampshire. She is later seen living with her mother in Massachusetts in 1910, and then in Vermont in 1920 she is listed as Divorced living with her mother, and the same for 1930 in Rochester New Hampshire. date of death: unknown
3) Jean John Newell born about 1826. There is more than one John Newell in this family, living in the same time frame. He may be the John Newell talked about in John W Johnson and elsewhere as eloping with a white woman from Massachusetts. I have a census record with a John Newell about age 30 placing his date of birth around 1830 with three children, John Newell Jr, Lewey Newell, and Annie Newell. John Newell jr marries Annie Solomon.

4) Sabattis Newell born 1826, died 1899 of pnumonia. by the time of the 1858 census Sabattis was married and with his children, and I do not have a birth record, however his death record states his father was Thomas Newell born in New Brunswick and other Mary Ann Newell of Old Town.

5) Charles Newell was born 1828.

6) Susan Newell was born between 1830 and 1840. She married John W Johnson. She was a Native American/Indian doctress who travelled with John Johnson and other Newell family members.

7) Frank/Francois Newell b. about 1831

8) Elizabeth Newell b 1835, married Joseph Sock Francis

9) Joseph Newell, born about 1835

10) Loren Newell, born on 11 Nov. 1840 in Gardner, Kennebec, Maine to Thomas Newell and Mary Tomah. He was married to Susan Delia Remick , of Carroll, Coos, New Hampshire, daughter of William Remick and Deborah (maiden name unknown) , 17 Oct 1866 in Northumberland, New Hampshire by, Josiah Morse. Loren was mentioned in the Life of John W Johnson Chapter 8. John discussed meeting Loren, Loren’s sister whom he would marry, and brother Thomas. The Newell family was known to travel throughout Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts making and selling baskets and other items, entertaining, and doctoring.

According to census records, in 1870, Loren was living with two of his children on Indian Island, Mary A Newell who was listed as 7 at the time, and Betsey Newell, listed as age 1. If Mary A was 7, she would have been born around 1863, prior to Loren’s marriage to Susan Remick. While it is possible Mary was born to Susan D Remick prior to their marriage, another possibility is a prior marriage, Anna Welch which I am listing as a probable here.

According to Massachusetts marriage records, Loring Newell, born about 1841 of Old Town Maine, parents of Mary and Thomas Newell, listed occupation basketmaker, married Anna Welch born about 1845 of Old Town Maine married on 3 Jan 1863 in Gloucester Massachusetts. Her parents are listed as Archibald and Susanna Welch, supposedly of Old Town Maine, but I have not been able to find any information on this Welch family living in Old Town. I do not have a birth record for Mary Ann Newell either nor a death record available to list parents names, nor death record of Anna. It is possible Anna died in childbirth.

Newell was enlisted with Company D, 11th regiment as an army private in the Civil war. Date of enlistment November 1st, 1864, date of discharge November 10th 1865.

in 1880, we see Loren and Susan Newell in Cambridge Maine with Thomas, Betsey, Lizzie, Frank, and Sockalexis. They are also listed on the Indian Island census the same year, with the idea that even though they were away, they told census takers their information and also gave Loren’s wife’s name as Jane by accident.

He passed away in Bucksfield Maine 1903 December 20th, and is buried next to his wife and 1 daughter, Lizzie Alma Newell (Aiken) in Denmark Maine, Whales Cemetery and at least 1 son, Frank L Newell. Cause of death was listed as Acute hepatitis.

His wife, Susan Delia Remick, passed away 1899, September 19th in Denmark Maine of Brights disease of the kidneys.

After Susan passed away, it appears Loren Newell remarried Lillian Rankin in Norway Maine. the marriage record lists Loren Newell as born in Gardiner Maine, that he is Indian, and it is his 2nd marriage (despite my suspicions this is his 3rd) 1901, March 30th by Charles Mason in Norway Maine. Loren passed away in 1903, and Lillian applied for a widow’s pension 1904, January 25th in relation to Loren’s Civil war service . Loren Newell had 7 known children, 6 of which were with Susan Remmick and 1 possibly with his first wife Anna Welch.

The Following are Loren Newell and Susan Remmick’s children, with a possible exception being Mary Newell, with her mother possibly being Anna Welch.

Mary Ann Newell, born about 1863. After age 17 I do not have any records on her.

Thomas Belmont Newell, who married Lillia Judkins. 2nd wife Blanche Powers. Two children Chester Newell and Celand Thomas Newell. Their son Donald Newell married Barbara. His son was Donald Francis Newell and they had 5 children.

c. Betsey A Newell, 1867, November 30, New Hampshire d. 13 April 1948 married Frank Lester Wales. After she was married, she shows up as Bessie Newell in the records. Also she is shown to be identified as “Indian” in census records. some of her siblings varied between white and Indian which was not uncommon during this time period for many reasons (including it being illegal at the time to be married to someone of a different race). She and Frank Wales had one child, Susie May Wales born July 15, 1899 and died April 23 1986. Susie married Harold Lawton McIntire. They had no children. Frank Wales and Betsey “Bessie” Newell did adopt Carroll Wales born in 1819, his brother George W Wale’s grandson. His birth parents were Carroll F Snow and Marjorie Wales, both had passed away, and Carroll went to live with his grandfather, who had also passed away when Carroll was young. Carroll was born Carroll Snow September 15, 1918. He is seen with Frank Wales and Bessie Newell on the 1930 census as adopted son.

Bessie Newell’s and Frank Wale’s adopted son (which would be Frank Wales cousin once removed) and was an” Art restorer; Boston, Mass. Specialized in conservation of Byzantine art. Proprietor of Boston’s Oliver Brothers restoration firm. Conserved Roman mosaic at Worcester Art Museum where George Stout was director. Stout became Wales’ lifelong mentor and friend.”

d. Frank Loring Newell, who married Mary P Ranco, originally of Quebec but living in Denmark. Blanche Powers, who was the sister to Sockalexis’s wife, Lydia Powers.

e. Jacques Alexis, better known as Sockalexis Newell, born 8/15/1874 Locke Mills. , d. 5/6/1952, Locke Mills, Me.,(town of Greenwood), m. Lydia “Eliza” Powers 2/16/1896, b. 1874.,d.12/18/1924 Woodstock, Me., father was James W. Powers, b. 12/16/1837 Litchfield, Me. , d. 4/13/1914,, mother was Lydia C. Day, b. 1845 Woodstock, Me., d. 11/3/1910 Bryant Pd., Me. They had 12 ch. Lydia, Linwood, Mildred, Philip, Lonabell, Hilda, Edward, Glenwood, Irvine Newell (died as a baby), Marguerite, Carrol, Stanwood

f. Charles Newell, b.February 1881 • Milton, Oxford, Maine, USA . on the 1900 census living with his brother Sockalexis and wife, his father Loren with date of birth listed as February 1879. On his WWI Draft registration card dated September 12, 1918, his date of birth is listed as February 27, 1881. Race, Indian citizen, working as a Farm laborer for Foster Pingree in Denmark Oxford Maine. He lists his sister, Betsey “Bessie” (Newell) Wales as nearest relative. he is stated to have medium hight, medium build, with dark brown eyes and black hair. In 1910 he is living with Foster Pingree and his wife Flora working as a hired man, and the1930 census also has him as a boarder living with Foster Pingree and his wife Flora along with lodger Ella Bradbury age 60, with stated occupation as General Farm. He died1948, Denmark, Oxford County Maine and is buried in Wales Cemetery. no known children or marriage(s). It was difficult to track him due to some census records having discrepancies in date of birth and living as a boarder, but his month of birth was always listed as February.


March 25th, 1858 as taken by
J. C. Knowlton, Supervisor of Schools – Old Town, Maine

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Maine Newell family (of the Penobscot tribe) geneology

I would like to have this page for other genealogy work I have embarked on as well but for now I want to start out with Newell genealogy.   Tamara Newell had put together a tree several years ago, and several family members have embarked on gathering more family information for the tree.  also has done a great deal of work on the family history especially around the 1800s. Since then I have also learned a lot about geneology work in general and will hopefully pass on some information on some mistakes I made so that others can avoid those same mistakes-I may post a profile of individual family members as well.

Other family member surnames that were also Penobscots and descendents in the Newell family include Francis/Frances, Mitchell, Ranco, Tomah, and Dennis. To the best of my knowledge there are no more with the last name of Newell living on Indian Island currently, there are others that are descendents of Newells. For example Frances Newell married to Charlie Daylight Mitchell has many descendents that can be found on ancestry, some of whom married into the Dennis family that were found to be on Indian Island into the the 2000s.

Newell’s descended from Sockalexis Newell settled in the Locke Mills area with descendents living in Maine and New Hampshire

Louis Belmont “Rolling Thunder” Newell’s son William Benjamin Newell and descendents appear to be mainly in the New York area, although William Newell the II ended up in Florida